Oh yeah, spring in Minnesota.

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Sometimes when everything is going wrong and the world is like, “hey man, I like how you thought nothing could get worse, BECAUSE CHECK THIS SHIT OUT”

Just make lists of things that you like.

THEN make a “to do” list but give yourself like ten freebies, like:

1. Make to-do list (that’s a sneaky one, already done!)
2. Put on pants (sometimes this is actually not a freebie)
3. Eat the fuck out of the other half of that pizza like it threatened your family.
4. Remember the title of that song that goes “do-do-do-doooo do-do-do-doo do-dee-doo-doo-do-do-doo-do”
5. Put dirty dishes in the sink.
6. Think about alphabetizing something, like your books or DVDs or expired items in your fridge.
7. Google some cute shit like a baby penguin or keyboard cat.
8. Imagine for a second what it would be like to be a dragon.
9. Come up with a plan to own a dragon.
10. Take out the trash.

And then, once you pepper those in with other actual things to do (laundry, taking a shower, buying groceries, changing the oil in your car), you will feel super accomplished because you can ALREADY CHECK STUFF OFF RIGHT AWAY.

Your bad day might go away.

And even if it doesn’t. Dude, you’ve done so many things on the list!

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The “Racist Rapist” song from the TV show The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. My boyfriend and I stayed in Sunday to Monday (because it was -30 degrees in Minnesota this weekend) and watched both seasons.

Even though it is an entirely new show, all I can think of is Tobias Funke and waiting for him to say “Analrapist” or “I will out that Queen”…….

Lookin’ Ass Kittie.

It must be nearly midnight, he thought. That meant that soon it would be tomorrow. Tomorrow was worse than today. Tomorrow was the worst of all because it was going to become today—and today was now.

The Soldier, Roald Dahl